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Bingo! You was awarded, because any kind of set-up is fine for the oval face. At the time of choice, opt for glasses that have to do with your personality. chrome hearts sunglasses collection, If you prefer to emphasize their traces, the round modelinhos are among the most recommended because the frames with colored lenses and mirror are making the biggest success. But beware: If you use a more flashy, chrome hearts sunglasses for sale, prefer accessories discreet so as not to overload the visual.

Rectangular and square frames are perfect for anyone who has the face rounder, because they have the power to relieve the shapes of the face, giving the impression of tune. chrome hearts sunglasses online, Straight lines are also ideal. How about choosing a more rustic frame that resembles the male glasses? chrome hearts online usa, There are beautiful models that will let her sexy and fashion as well.


If you have the wider forehead, cheeks and Chin protruding, your face shape resembles a heart. The ideal is that the choice be for oval models because it will give the illusion of a wider jaw, chrome hearts online shopping, disguising the Chin. And a big Tip: beyond the shape of the face, chrome hearts sunglasses for sale, we must take into account the structure of the body: very large sunglasses are best in people too large.


Chrome Hearts Cognac leather sunglasses with gunmetal hardware and brown gradient lenses. Includes case.